Our Wedding Date

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


We found our photographer:)
Strangely enough, we were at a Brazos Valley Bombers game with some friends talking about the need of a photographer... A couple sitting in front of us turned around and asked, "are you looking for a photgrapher?" We took their card, but didn't think much of it... When I got home, I looked up their website & fell in love with his work... It was exactly what I wanted!!!

Turns out, Fernando's wife works at College Hills here in College Station. I was cleaning out my emails and found a few emails that she had sent on our Swap Shop (CSISD's version of Ebay) & that I had forwarded to myself... all about his website and photography... how crazy!!!



Avalon is a flower garden in Millican that was built by the owners of Studio One as an outside photo studio. There is a small house with a wrap around porch that is surrounded by flowers.

Monday, July 27, 2009

My Matron of Honor

KJ Davidson Corsi will be my Matron Of Honor:):)
We have been best friends for as long as I can remember... I was her Maid of Honor & when asked how many sisters I have, I always say 2- Her and Kimmie.
She and I have been through thick & thin together and will always have each others back.
I am honored to have both of my sisters standing up for me:):)

Friday, July 17, 2009

Wedding Colors

You know how you walk into Target just to get 1 or 2 things and you walk out with a TON?? Well, today in the rain, I did the same thing...

HOWEVER, I walk in and in the GLORIOUS Dollar Isle ( I LOVE TARGET DOLLAR ISLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!), I see these tiny buckets... as I think about them, I realized that they are my wedding colors!!!!!

The picture makes them look a little lighter than they really are, but besides not having purple (which I am debating about spray painting) these will add great color for the wedding:);):)

Plans for the Wedding - from a Sr & 3 - 7th graders:)

Angelia (Sr AMCHS), Bailey (7th AMCMS), Kailey (7th AMCMS), & Christi (7th AMCMS)
These girls will be working at the wedding in some form or fashion - wedding book, punch, etc. I have known Angelia since she was in 5th grade & the other girls for 2 years now (they were aides in my class and love my boys:):) They were ALWAYS in my room !!!:):)).
Today, we all had lunch together and I told them I wanted them to help out with the wedding... Well, one thing led to another and they decided to plan my wedding & there jobs...
Angelia is going to be the one that catches my flowers & photographer...
Bailey wants to be the bartender... so she can flirt:):)
Kailey wants to be the valet...
Christi wants to be the bouncer - making sure you are on the list to enter the wedding...
Another friend (weighs maybe 60 lbs) wants to be security as long as he can use a taser...
They have decided that we would all be barefoot and that I would ride in on a unicorn.
I don't know about you... but I would show up just to see the sites:):) Supposedly I am a famous granola fairy with rowdy friends:):):)

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Save The Date

We Are Engaged!!!

Friday, June 5, 2009, T asked me the most important question of all time!!!!

We had a great night watching the Astros beat the Pirates from the FiveSeven restaurant in center field. It was wonderful with drinks & dinner & feet propped up & Friday Night Fireworks.

Afterwards, we walked around their museum/park outside the stadium. Of course I am thinking "this would be a perfect time for him to propose:):):)" As we were walking away, he says, "Hey, there is our baseball. Want a picture?" The poor guy that took our picture had a baby in his arm and didn't know what he was getting into:):) T asked him to take another picture because 'he had his eyes closed'.

As the guy said 1-2-.., T said, "Will you marry me?" (while down on one knee)... and the guy says CRAP and starts taking lots of pictures!!! It was really funny. Of course I started crying and jumping up and down!!! T was waiting on me to stop jumping up and down so he could put the ring on my finger:) I jumped in his arms and told him how much I loved him!!! He kinda pulls away from me and says, "UMM... You haven't said YES yet" ooppss... YES T!!! I WILL MARRY YOU!!!!!!!!!!

T is so wonderful!!!! I am the luckiest girl in the world!!!!