Our Wedding Date

Thursday, January 28, 2010


Hi to all you newbies:):)

I know the invitations started arriving today!!! How exciting!!!!!

I hope you enjoy our website:) It has been fun!!!

If you have a specific question about something, look at the list to the right & see if there is a category that might have the answer... When you click on the word, all the posts about that topic will come up. Hopefully this will be very useful:)

Please RSVP as soon as possible... Caterer needs final numbers by mid Feb
Reserve a room by Feb 20 to get the room block deal:)

We will see some of you folks Saturday night at the shower:)

YEAH!!!!!! Can't believe it is almost here:):)

Have fun!!!!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Invitations are almost out

We were supposed to have the invitations out yesterday, they are not quiet ready...
We have them almost ready...
They should be going out by Tuesday...
The Henrietta Shower Hostesses will be getting theirs next weekend at the shower:)

Henrietta Shower

We are so blessed!!!!!

Here is a map to the hotel & Avalon

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

We have tuxes!!!!

T & I met tonight at Men's Warehouse & decided on a tux!
The boys are going to look so handsome!!!

Here is what T picked out:) but he wants a bowtie:):)

I am so excited!!!!!!

Sam's the Man!!!

This is Sam Cutrone.
Sam is the preacher at the Alexander Methodist Church in Tabor (near Bryan).
Thorin found this church on line while looking for cool places to get married. This church is the oldest church in the Brazos Valley.
When we arrived at the church that Sunday afternoon, Sam's wife, Belinda, was coming out of the fellowship hall. We told her what we were doing and she insisted on getting Sam:)

Sam walked us around & talked to us about EVERYTHING under the sun for about an hour or so. He was so sweet and genuine:):)
When we got in the car, I teared up...
We knew he would be the one to marry us:):)

We have been looking for a church home and hadn't found one that suited us both. So we decided to give Sam's church a try. We walked in on the first day and were greeted by almost the entire 40 person congregation (there are more, but it was summer and people were on vacation). It was that small town feel we had been looking for.

Since July, we have been popping in to church at least 1x/month (for awhile we were communion junkies - hahahaha - only showing up on the first Sunday - purely by coincidence). We really love it there!!! They even have a scrapbook club that meets every other month for a weekend. They are a crafty bunch! I can't wait to get to go:)

Anyways, you will enjoy meeting Sam.
He is a HOOT!!!
The only problem with him is that he is a t-sip...
Who in their right mind would ever think I would get married by a stinkin' t-sip!!!!!