Our Wedding Date

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Fancy Dinner at the Resort

Our resort has MANY restaurants...

Last night, we went to eat Italian Food - YUMMY!!!

T ate Salmon on zuchinni (sp?) with fancy fried spaghetti noodles sticking out the top...

I ate vegetable lasagna with a delicious red sauce & a dash of pesto...

For dessert, I had Tiramasu!!!! with a fancy slice of melted sugar...

For dessert, T had cheese cake with a fancy melted slice of sugar...

AND on the pizza bar of this fancy restaurant, they had...


Xel Ha - Mexico

Thanks KJ, Kimmie, Tony, & Joe for the tickets to Xel-Ha!!! We had an amazing time!!!!!
We snorkled - saw pretty fish & 2 stingrays... T jumped off the Cliffs of Courage - many times...
Then I did - after 20 minutes of running up and stopping and thinking I couldn't do it & starting the process all over again!!!
We got our picture taken with parrots, a tucan, & a huge iguana named Spike

Can't wait to share the rest of the pictures!!!!
Love - the Mosers

Saturday, March 13, 2010


Fernando finished the photos & they are up on his website!!!!

If you want to order any (which you will because they are FANTASTIC!!!), just add the photos to your cart (bottom left corner on the picture)... at the end, enter in this code and get
20% off!!!!
Coupon Code: misti20


go to clients

password: misti

There, you will find 4 galleries.

There are a lot, so you may want to grab a drink & enjoy!!!!!

Missing Owners for these presents

We have recieved 3 presents from mystery folks... If you recognize the handwriting or if you know of anyone that gave us these, please please let us know... we need to send them a thank you!!
IF you have any information, please email me at mmm9898@hotmail.com.

This was in the gift card box at the wedding.
I put the ? on the card so I would remember that we didn't know... This was given to us at our Henrietta shower... All the thank you notes have been sent out, so if you didn't get your thank you note, this is probably what you gave us. This grill came from Sears. We have no record or name or number & Sears's Managment are a bunch of IDIOTS!!!! I am sorry if that offends anyone, but they ARE!!!!!
Someone loves us a WHOLE lot to buy us a grill like this and we have ZERO idea of who or where it came from.

Please help if you can!!!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

THANK YOU!!!!!!!

We want to take this time to Thank a few of our wonderful family & friends that helped make our day glorious!!!!
We had so much fun & couldn't imagine anything better!!!

My Mom & Dad - Don & Judy Morris - Of course without them, this would not have been possible. Thanks for making this happen!!! Thanks for your support & love!!! You are both so wonderful! You have raised me (& my friends) to understand love & happiness. Because of you, I NEVER settled. I found my best friend & my love (& the sexiest man on the planet!!) & I thank you for setting the bar so high! We love you both!!!!

My Girls - KJ Corsi, Kim Morris, & Melissa Larson - You guys rock!!! I love you with all my heart! Thank you for coming in Wednesday and making me relax:) Without you guys, we wouldn't have gotten it all done.

T's Boys - John Henka & Marc Hubin - Thanks for coming in on Wednesday. You guys helped SO much!!!!! Thorin couldn't have gotten through all his Honey Dos without you:)

Our Other Parents - Bob & Judy Davidson & Jim & Pat Henka - THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!! You guys are so amazing!!!!

Our friends & family - Emily Murphey, Pam Norwood (& family), Ruth Ann & RC Gholson, Casey & Chris Helms, Brigitte Schmidt, Sayer Townsend, Marco Valadez, Damien Moser, Cahleb Moser, Bryce Pennell, Mary Ann Scarpinato, Angelia Fattorini, Christi Corkran, Kailey Soares, Bailey Scherr, Cathy Corkran, Serick "Mike" Larson, & Connor Ulbig

ALSO we would like to thank

Sam Cutrone - Preacher at Alexander Methodist Church - THANK YOU SAM!!!

Fernando Weberich - http://www.fernandoweberich.com/ - photographer - galleries will be up soon & I will let you know... I get my CD tomorrow!!! I can't wait!!!!! There are over 2000 pics & you can order some of you if you want when the galleries are up:)

Avalon - http://www.avalonwedingsbcs.com/ - WHAT A BEAUTIFUL PLACE!!!! It was so perfect for what we wanted!!!!

Global Event Group - http://www.globaleventgroup.com%20-caterer/- caterer - You guys were so helpful!!! Thank you so much for the delicious food & always being easy to talk to! Thanks Liz, Emily, & Matt!!! Can't wait for Little Cooks' Cafe!!!

Firehouse Karaoke - http://www.firehousekaraoke.com/ - DJ - WHAT A GREAT JOB NATE DID!!!! Everything went so smoothly!!!! You rock Nate!!!!

Lynn Rhodes - Bride's Cake - Lynn created such a beautiful & delicious cake! It was with only 2 weeks notice (if that). You can find him on my facebook page if you want one of his amazing cakes!!!

Carrie Frashure - Groom's Cake - Also done on very short notice. But my friend never thought twice. She would have baked it that night if I would have wanted her to. THANK YOU CARRIE!!!!

Copy Corner - http://www.copy-corner.com/ - I know this sounds silly to thank a business like this, but I printed EVERYTHING there (invites, programs, thank you notes, sign in pages, scrapbook pages, etc) & they were/are always so wonderful, helpful, & great on my wallet! It is sad when a store knows your name:):) Thank you Copy Corner for always putting a smile on a Bride's face:)

Classy Concepts - www.classyconceptsdesign.com - my dress - Janet, Sue, & Elizabeth have been fantastic! They were helpful, sweet, & made finding a perfect dress so much fun!!!!! Thanks guys!!! They want me to send them a picture of me, my dress, & my AWESOME MAROON CONVERSE!!! Perfect outfit!!!


hugs and love!!!! Thorin & Misti Moser

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Construction & Parking & Reminders

There is some construction on HWY 6 on the FM 159 (Milican Exit) overpass.
Unless something changes (Like the HWY dept construction moving fast - hahahaha),
You will actually HAVE to exit FM 159 (Milican Exit) and be on the feeder for a while...
which will help because you will definately see
the Moser/Morris Wedding Signs:):)

Look for these signs..
They will be at the stop signs once you get off on FM 159...
T doesn't want them on the highway -
he thinks party crashers would be a bad idea:):)

The parking lot isn't very big, but there is a grassy area for additional parking.
Small cars can park in the parking lot, but bigger cars need to park in the grass.
THANKFULLY, we will be good & dry by Saturday:)
As of 7:30 Wednesday Morning, the weather should be somewhere around
High 67 Low 52 & NO rain!!!
However, this will be an outside/inside wedding...
You will probaby want to bring a coat...
Ladies, you will not hurt my feelings if you show up in pants...
I want us all to have a good time - not turn into ice cubes:)


Thursday, February 25, 2010

School Shower

Friends from all over the district came to share in my joy!
What an honor & a blessing!!!
Thanks Friends!!!!!

Thanks to my wonderful SPED team & Honorary SPED team for hosting my beautiful shower!!!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

rooms still available at the wedding rate

I just talked to Econolodge & they are still offering the $70/night wedding rate...

If you still need a room, you need to call the College Station Econolodge at 979-260-9150 and tell them you want to make a reservation for the Misti Morris wedding block.

We still have 14 rooms available.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Econolodge DOES have rooms available...
You have to call directly to 979-260-9150.
Tell them you are wanting rooms in the Misti Morris Wedding Block.
As of this morning, there are 22 rooms left in our block.
The last day for the rate of $70 is Feb 20.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Henrietta Shower

Sorry this is late:( but I want to share about our
Henrietta Shower!

Since Kimmie & I are both getting married pretty close to each other, Judy Davidson & KJ Corsi decided that we should have one big party instead of 2 smaller parties:)

And So The Morris Girls Doubles Couples Shower was born:):)
These are our 27 hostesses who put on the most unique shower I have EVER seen!!!!

You will see further down that they broke up into groups & each took a table... desserts, finger foods, meats, drinks, & register table/present table.

We are all very blessed to have so many people that care about us!

The Happy Couples
Joe, Kimmie, Misti, Thorin

The Sisters
Kimmie, KJ, Misti

The name signs were part of the decorations... Who knew you could have so much fun with names:):):)

Time to open the presents... Again, we are very blessed & thankful!!!

Here are the Hostesses & their WONDERFUL tables!!!

Here is the craftiness of KJ... We are going to use some of them at our wedding... (sorry Kimmie, but we are not putting your pictures on there - hehehe)
and the stylings of Ginger Ross...


Thorin keeps joking that after the shower we were HALF MARRIED since all of Henrietta came to show their support at our "Henrietta Wedding":):)

Thanks again for EVERYTHING!!! IT truly was an amazing night!!!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Sears Registry Is Fixed

Sears Registry is Fixed...
Seems that nobody ever told us that we had to make the stinkin' registry PUBLIC!!! Why else do you register????

Oh Well... It is now fixed, so YAY!!!

Thursday, January 28, 2010


Hi to all you newbies:):)

I know the invitations started arriving today!!! How exciting!!!!!

I hope you enjoy our website:) It has been fun!!!

If you have a specific question about something, look at the list to the right & see if there is a category that might have the answer... When you click on the word, all the posts about that topic will come up. Hopefully this will be very useful:)

Please RSVP as soon as possible... Caterer needs final numbers by mid Feb
Reserve a room by Feb 20 to get the room block deal:)

We will see some of you folks Saturday night at the shower:)

YEAH!!!!!! Can't believe it is almost here:):)

Have fun!!!!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Invitations are almost out

We were supposed to have the invitations out yesterday, they are not quiet ready...
We have them almost ready...
They should be going out by Tuesday...
The Henrietta Shower Hostesses will be getting theirs next weekend at the shower:)

Henrietta Shower

We are so blessed!!!!!

Here is a map to the hotel & Avalon

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

We have tuxes!!!!

T & I met tonight at Men's Warehouse & decided on a tux!
The boys are going to look so handsome!!!

Here is what T picked out:) but he wants a bowtie:):)

I am so excited!!!!!!

Sam's the Man!!!

This is Sam Cutrone.
Sam is the preacher at the Alexander Methodist Church in Tabor (near Bryan).
Thorin found this church on line while looking for cool places to get married. This church is the oldest church in the Brazos Valley.
When we arrived at the church that Sunday afternoon, Sam's wife, Belinda, was coming out of the fellowship hall. We told her what we were doing and she insisted on getting Sam:)

Sam walked us around & talked to us about EVERYTHING under the sun for about an hour or so. He was so sweet and genuine:):)
When we got in the car, I teared up...
We knew he would be the one to marry us:):)

We have been looking for a church home and hadn't found one that suited us both. So we decided to give Sam's church a try. We walked in on the first day and were greeted by almost the entire 40 person congregation (there are more, but it was summer and people were on vacation). It was that small town feel we had been looking for.

Since July, we have been popping in to church at least 1x/month (for awhile we were communion junkies - hahahaha - only showing up on the first Sunday - purely by coincidence). We really love it there!!! They even have a scrapbook club that meets every other month for a weekend. They are a crafty bunch! I can't wait to get to go:)

Anyways, you will enjoy meeting Sam.
He is a HOOT!!!
The only problem with him is that he is a t-sip...
Who in their right mind would ever think I would get married by a stinkin' t-sip!!!!!