Our Wedding Date

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Construction & Parking & Reminders

There is some construction on HWY 6 on the FM 159 (Milican Exit) overpass.
Unless something changes (Like the HWY dept construction moving fast - hahahaha),
You will actually HAVE to exit FM 159 (Milican Exit) and be on the feeder for a while...
which will help because you will definately see
the Moser/Morris Wedding Signs:):)

Look for these signs..
They will be at the stop signs once you get off on FM 159...
T doesn't want them on the highway -
he thinks party crashers would be a bad idea:):)

The parking lot isn't very big, but there is a grassy area for additional parking.
Small cars can park in the parking lot, but bigger cars need to park in the grass.
THANKFULLY, we will be good & dry by Saturday:)
As of 7:30 Wednesday Morning, the weather should be somewhere around
High 67 Low 52 & NO rain!!!
However, this will be an outside/inside wedding...
You will probaby want to bring a coat...
Ladies, you will not hurt my feelings if you show up in pants...
I want us all to have a good time - not turn into ice cubes:)

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