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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Missing Owners for these presents

We have recieved 3 presents from mystery folks... If you recognize the handwriting or if you know of anyone that gave us these, please please let us know... we need to send them a thank you!!
IF you have any information, please email me at mmm9898@hotmail.com.

This was in the gift card box at the wedding.
I put the ? on the card so I would remember that we didn't know... This was given to us at our Henrietta shower... All the thank you notes have been sent out, so if you didn't get your thank you note, this is probably what you gave us. This grill came from Sears. We have no record or name or number & Sears's Managment are a bunch of IDIOTS!!!! I am sorry if that offends anyone, but they ARE!!!!!
Someone loves us a WHOLE lot to buy us a grill like this and we have ZERO idea of who or where it came from.

Please help if you can!!!

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